Frank Atkinson

How hard could it be to sell an oceanfront lot in Virginia Beach for $2000?

In 1943, not so easy. America was emerging from the Great Depression and fighting on two fronts in WWII.

The future was uncertain and buyers’ confidence wasn’t high. That didn’t deter Frank Atkinson. He opened Atkinson Realty. His office had no heat, no air conditioning and no bathroom. What Frank lacked in office amenities, he made up for with a strong work ethic and a natural ability for selling. Soon, everyone knew Frank Atkinson and Atkinson Realty.

Over the years, ensuing generations of the Atkinson family have helped guide the company through changes in the real estate industry, buyer’s markets, seller’s markets, and new disrupting technologies. With each generation, with each challenge, Frank Atkinson’s relationship driven approach to sales has been at the core of Atkinson Realty.

The Northend in 1960s


76 2019 marks 76 years in real estate for Atkinson Realty

Top 25 Atkinson Realty is consistently in the top 25 out of 482 firms in REIN.

$550+ At $569,000, our average sales price is over two times the median for local home sales.